Vince Keene


In 1939 Tom Clark offered Vince’s father Ron Keene a full time position as an electrician with the Amalgamated Brick and Pipe Company. In 1952 Vince joined the Crown Lynn Potteries division as an apprentice electrician along with his two brothers Ray and Brian, where they all worked together under their father who was by then in charge of the department.

During the 1950’s and 60’s the company grew, as did Vince’s reputation and character. By the early 1970’s Vince was appointed to jointly look after the AB Brick Division before being placed in sole charge in 1983, where he worked alongside Roger Crum and Guthrie Stewart on the design and installation for a new clay preparation plant.

In 1989 Crown Lynn closed down and Vince became fully employed by NZ Brickmakers until they were bought by the Australian company Monier Brick & Tile Company, around 1990. However Vince’s skills and experience were once again employed by the company, and he worked there until his eventual retirement in 1996. Monier closed down in 2015.

Vince says that looking back over those 43 years, he really enjoyed the journey and the challenges that Crown Lynn and its associated companies gave him. It was a happy working environment and it provided him with a good living.