Tony Goodwin


Tony Goodwin worked at Crown Lynn Potteries from 1963 to 1966.

In 1963 Tony started a new job at Crown Lynn Potteries as a draftsman. Living in Avondale it was great to be able to walk to work. He would walk down St Georges Road past Glenburn Brickworks, along Wolverton Street, past the Whau Creek across the sewer pipe into Clark Street and arrive.

Most of Crown Lynn’s plant was designed from Tony’s office, from the initial clay preparation to the final product with much of the equipment manufactured locally, either at Cameron Brothers in Portage Road, or Reliance Engineering in Puriri Street.

Tony says that Crown Lynn was like a large family, they gossiped over scones at morning tea, admired the new products and in general everyone worked for the good of the company. He remembers in particular the AB Bricks division and the walk down from the office toward the mighty brick kilns with their landmark chimneys, earthy clay smells, and machinery from yesteryear – the atmosphere was amazing.

However not all jobs were so exciting, one such job was salt glazing. One man stood in a large salt pit shovelling salt into the kiln like there was no tomorrow. He remembers the stench and the heat. It was a very difficult job to fill it, with some people lasting only weeks or days before leaving. Eventually a renowned employment consultant, Dennis McClure vowed to find the right man for the job and eventually he did, unfortunately the right man for the job had a heart attack on his second day.

Today when Tony makes his way down Clark Street, he is saddened by the mishmash of conflicting buildings that occupy the site where Crown Lynn once stood and thrived as an institution, and the hub of a community.