Johnny Green, the pocillivist


Johnny has shared his story and precious egg cups with us.

It was Easter in London, 1939. Johnny was nine years old and his mother gave him a small egg cup filled with chocolate. Johnny managed to keep that egg cup safe for many years, bringing it with him when he moved to New Zealand in 1960. Living in Auckland, Johnny walked into a second hand shop in Point Chevalier where he found an egg cup very similar to the one his mother had given him all those years ago. He purchased it for sixpence, around five cents in current value.

58 years later, Johnny now has a collection of over 9000 egg cups. In 2012, a book documenting Johnny’s egg cups was published. It is called The Pocillovist. Created by photography and design student Sue Uden for her thesis, Johnny gave Sue a set of keys and full access to his collection.

Collecting egg cups are not Johnny’s only interest. He has also been teaching dancing at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre for 32 years.