A nice bright plate for nice bright salads


This plate was one of the many Joan Liam and her team painted in 1959-1960 at Crown Lynn. In 1959, at age 21, Joan moved with her family to Swanson, and she applied for a job at Crown Lynn.


Crown Lynn asked her if she would like to go into the decorating department, she thought ‘alright’ and started her job painting the Fleurette pattern. Joan had not trained as an artist, she was just given a brush and started decorating.

Joan was taught how to hold the brush and flick at the wrist, to make delicate patterns across the surface of the plate. At first they painted all the colours on each plate, then they figured out that it was quicker if each girl painted one colour and passed it on. A pile of plates would be dropped off on your left, you would paint them, then they would go to the right; from there the next girl would pick them up and paint the next colour, and so on.

Joan gave this plate to her mum in 1959-1960, and took it back when her mum died.  Joan ate of this plate every day, she said it was “a nice bright plate for nice bright salads.”

2015-20-1 This image was taken in the Crown Lynn decorating department c.1959-1960, Joan is pictured 2nd from the right.

Gift of Joan Liam, 2015, 2015.20.1-.3